PROSTATE DISEASES: What every man must know


This website does only one thing. It makes you aware of a book that explains the major health concerns of men from age of 30 years and above. The commonest diseases that affect men above 30 are prostate diseases. The diseases are prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia and prostate cancer. Almost all men world-wide would experience one of them in their life time.
Men who have good knowledge of prostate diseases live healthy and happy lives. Those who lack the knowledge will be ill and miserable. Old men, in their fifth/sixth decade or more who do not want to be ill or miserable are advised to get the book, “Prostate Diseases”.

But why must you know about prostate diseases when you have a urologist?

This book informs you of the causes and predisposing factors of prostate diseases. It tells you how the diseases are tested and their current treatments. The information will, among other things:

  1. Enable you to prevent prostate diseases or detect them early.
  2. Encourage you to consult the urologist early and gain confidence to seek a second opinion, if you find it necessary.
  3. Prevent you from harming yourself which you often do when you seek and use advice from non-medical wives, relatives, friends and colleagues
  4. Enable you to give a good history of your problem to the urologist and ask him intelligent and useful questions
  5. Enable you to give informed consent to your doctor’s proposed treatment and even ask him why he prefers one treatment over others.

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Dr. Gabriel Ogah, is a consultant urologist who has practiced medicine in Nigeria for forty years. He is a foundation member of the International Society for  Men’s Health (Vienna, 2001), Fellow of West African College of Surgeons, Fellow International College of Surgeons, Continue>


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